Life Like Ice

Photo by Eva Elijas from pexels

Life is like ice
that holds its breath
and is about to thaw

Life is like ice
that glares at the sun,
welcomes night,
and waits to thaw

Although the sun has no guilt,
life glares at the sun
Although night has no healing,
life welcomes night

Life spreads through me,
as if ice curses the sun
and changes into water uglily

Life grows rank in me,
as if ice accepts night
and feels joy


Photo from pexels

He stands on the stage
surrounded by
uncountable and faceless ghosts

He has a speaker
to tell himself,
to tell the truth hidden behind the night

Some ghosts may not believe him and the truth
because sometimes the truth makes
overwhelming pain

But he doesn’t give up standing on the stage
surrounded by
untouchable and bloodless ghosts

His voice certainly resounds
through ghosts,
then, some ghosts may believe his voice
that never breaks the truth,
that never lies about himself,
that never gives up this world


Photo by Alex Conchillos from pexels

She is standing
at the center of tragedy
made by herself

She is a master of the tragedy

She is a main cast
of the tragedy

A profusion of
cheering and applause
showers her,
she can be cocooned
in cruel calmness

Although she is standing
at the center of tragedy,
she feels burning satisfaction

To feel it,
she continues to make
a variety of tragedy

Hope Blooms

Photo from pexels

When a devil disappears completely,
a withered flower regains its breath

In sweet and gorgeous shadow,
the flower emits a faint light
and changes darkness
into hope

The hope that
the flower continued craving in deep fog
will not vanish again,
will not wither again,
will not be taken away again,
even in the bottom of the sea
that a devil’s grief and anger
are echoing

Ashes of Truth

Photo by Luis Dalvan from pexels

Even if this world hides the truth,
I try to gaze at it

I try to gaze at the truth
that was buried in the night

Unless you stop telling the truth,
I continue to believe you

Even if this world cracks the truth
and scatters these ashes on the sea,
they shine and give me a signal

So, I never stop gazing at the truth
that you never give up telling

On The Ground of Happiness

Photo by Markus Spiske from pexels

I always plant seeds of despair
on the ground of happiness,
to protect my heart

When the seeds of despair grow,
my heart is already
ready to feel them

If despair appears unexpectedly
on the ground of happiness,
my heart can’t endure it

So, I plant seeds of despair
to protect my heart

I’m On A Cloud

Photo by Rodrigo Souza from pexels

I’m on a cloud
and looking down at the world,
as if I was not alive,
as if I was a ghost

I’m on a cloud
and breathing freely

The world is not place
where I can live

But I’ve lived on the world
for a long time

Why can I live?
Why can I breathe,
without the remedy
for healing wounds
carved by life?

I want to be on a cloud
and look down at the world eternally,
as if I was not alive,
as if I was a ghost

The Cigarettes of Guilt

Photo from pexels

She continues to smoke
the cigarettes of guilt

They erode her lungs
and the sense for feeling alive

She has a lot of time
to hurt herself
So, she can’t stop smoking
the cigarettes of guilt

Her lungs scream,
<Stop pouring the poison into me!>,
but her mind craves the cigarettes of guilt

she will lose every sense for feeling alive

She knows it,
but she can’t stop smoking the poison

A Baby

Photo by Thiago Matos from pexels

A baby
who has wings of a demon,
a bloodless face,
and bloodshot eyes
is glaring at me
in a broken mirror

<Why do you lead me
to woe?>
<Why do you hack me
by the stone-cold glass?>

A baby weeps

These eyes expose
hate to me,
to life,
to this world

Pale skin
is full of agony,
looks like the ageless sunset

A baby
who has wings of a demon,
a bloodless face,
and bloodshot eyes
is glaring at me
in the innermost of broken me

On A Rock

Photo by Laker from pexels

I’m standing on a rock,
being surrounded by the wild sea

There is no lantern
There is no blanket
There is no float

I’m standing on a rock
by the name of <Life>

I can’t move at all
I can’t shout at all
because I know that
there is no one around me,
around this rock

I can’t swim,
but I can’t continue to stand any more

this rock will shatter, and
I will lose a place to stand