A Cloud

Photo by Alex Andrews from pexels

I found a cloud
that may have led me to you

If I can float toward you
by the cloud,
I’m willing to accept every despair

Before the cloud shatters,
I want to ride it
and fly to you
with every hope and pain

The Ink of Dawn

Photo by luizclas from pexels

The ink of dawn
begins to dye the Earth hope
that colorful days will come back

Monochromatic days covered with
fears and invisible walls
will end,
screaming silently

The ink of dawn
begins to draw a picture
full of hope
that sonorous days will come back

Toneless days wrapped in
fears and invisible walls
will end,
screaming emptily

A New Day

Photo by Lisa from pexels

A new day rises
from the Hell,
to dye me bloody screams,
to dye me bloody grief

Mouth of the Hell
never allows me
to eat hope

Ears of the Hell
never allow me
to listen to joy

A new day rises
from the Hell,
with a cruel echo,
with the empty wind

Every time a new day rises,
I carve wounds on my skin


Photo by Aron Visuals from pexels

An invisible wall
covers her view― but ―

Her indomitable soul
wants air
that grows her world,
her fingers
continue to carve
a lot of picturesque melodies
on her notebook,
her unbreakable brain
imagines graceful green and blue
again and again

Even the invisible wall
can’t take imagination
away from her

I Hate My Poetry

Photo by Anni Roenkae from pexels

I hate my poetry
because they expose only my ugliness
that consists of only my past
that I want to avert my eyes

Even time can’t save me
from the ugliness

Even future can’t heal my shame and guilt

So, I write poetry
that I hate

To punish myself,
to lament myself,
I write poetry
that I hate

With A Fire

Photo by Sudipta Mondal from pexels

A butterfly hugs
a burning fire of resignation

She is dancing madly
She is fluttering desperately

that tries to swallow her wings
is burnt by her fire like a mouth of a devil

With empty soul,
she can dance eternally…

With blank life,
she can flutter eternally…

I’m Flying

Photo by Vaidas Vaiciulis from pexels

I’m flying
with loneliness
that comes from past.
My wings are about to be torn
because of the weight of loneliness.
But I can’t stop flying because
only when I feel past,
I’m allowed to exit
from icy reality.


Photo from pexels

Your skin is illuminated
by the hazy moonlight,
and tattoos appear
in front of your lamentation

The vulnerability
and grace
are yourself
who hides any pressure

The beauty
and transience
are yourself
who hides any pains

Still I’m In Winter

Photo by Simon Berger from pexels

In the deep fog,
a tree stands,
spreading wings

These wings are covered
with snowflakes,
as if the deep fog
piles up on these wings

Although spring will come soon,
although daybreak will come soon,
the world still regrets
the separation from winter,
the world still regrets
the separation from
the sea of winter deep fog

a silver carpet is beautiful
winter deep fog is comfortable
I’m still in winter

But I want to hear
the voice of spring soon
I want to see
fragile and warm hope

Veils of Gleam

Photo from pexels

Under the crescent moon,
she plants seeds of gleam,
imagining that
they sprout as veils of gleam
to wrap the world softly

Wounded days
are fluttering
around her,
but she never stops
imagining a string
to new days

She wipes her tears
with muddy hands

She smiles
with muddy face

Under the crescent moon,
she swears
to let veils of gleam bloom